Birmingham City's New Stadium: How Online Marketing Can Score Big for BCFC

The Blues are set for a historic move! Birmingham City Football Club's exciting plans for a brand new stadium in Bordesley Park have ignited a buzz around the city. Here at Oak Haven Solutions, we're passionate about Birmingham's growth, and we believe online marketing can play a crucial role in promoting this ambitious project for not online Birmingham City Football club but other local businesses.

Building Excitement Now:

  • Engaging Website & Social Media: A dedicated website for the "Sports Quarter" development can showcase the vision, architectural renderings, construction progress updates, and future plans for the surrounding area. Social media campaigns using targeted ads and contests can generate excitement and keep fans informed. If you're a local businesses owner, you can piggy back onto this also!

  • Interactive Content: 360° virtual tours of the planned stadium, interactive features allowing fans to personalise their experience, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into construction can boost engagement and anticipation.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses and influencers to amplify the project's reach, generate positive buzz, and leverage their established audiences.


Filling Seats When the Stadium Opens:

  • Targeted Local PPC Campaigns: Utilise location-based PPC campaigns to reach potential fans in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Highlight the benefits of the new stadium, like improved amenities, accessibility, and a modern game-day experience.

  • Season Ticket & Membership Promotions: Promote season ticket and membership packages with targeted online ads and social media campaigns. Offer exclusive benefits and early access to incentivise early commitment.

  • Data-Driven Approach: Track website traffic, user engagement, and campaign performance. Analyse the data and adjust online marketing strategies to maximise reach and effectiveness in attracting new supporters.

Building a Loyal Fan Base:

  • Engaging Social Media Content: Create interactive polls, quizzes, and contests to keep fans engaged. Share historical highlights, player interviews, and exclusive content to build a strong online community.

  • Mobile Ticketing & Fan Apps: Develop a user-friendly mobile app for ticketing, merchandise purchases, concession stand orders, and in-stadium navigation, enhancing the overall fan experience.

  • Loyalty Programs & Rewards: Implement loyalty programs that reward fans for attending games, purchasing merchandise, and engaging online. This encourages repeat visits and fosters a sense of community.

By implementing a comprehensive online marketing strategy, Birmingham City Football Club can leverage the power of the internet to maximise awareness of the new stadium project, attract new fans, and fill those seats on match days. At Oak Haven Solutions, we have the expertise to help create a winning online marketing strategy for Birmingham City's exciting new chapter and we can do it for your small business too!

Let's work together to make your business a success just like the Blues' new stadium project! Contact Oak Haven Solutions today! START A PROJECT.

Remember, a well-executed online marketing campaign is like a skilled midfielder – it creates opportunities, builds momentum, and ultimately drives results.